Ma Bella Vita: Life Hack: How to clean your rug if you don't have a vacuum cleaner

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Monday, June 29, 2015

Life Hack: How to clean your rug if you don't have a vacuum cleaner

Hey everyone!

Happy Monday. Hope everyone had a fantastic weekend. I was able to hang out with friends on Friday but other than that I was low key at my apartment simply working and slowly but surely getting through "deep cleaning" my whole place.

Today I want to share a "life hack" I learned from my momma.

So, this past weekend I had a guest at my apartment {who happens to be my best friend} she did what real friends do and pointed out at how ridiculously filthy the rug in my bedroom was.

I kind of knew this considering my vacuum cleaner broke down about a month ago and I haven't had a chance to get myself a new one. Also, considering the experience I've had with 'cheap' vacuum cleaners, I decided I need to get something of quality next time I make such a purchase (whenever that happens because seriously, who wants to go vacuum cleaner shopping?!).

So anyways, I remembered something my moms taught me growing up- when you don't have a vacuum available, use a broom! Hello!! I immediately apologized to my best friend whom simply laughed at me because she knows I am cheap frugal. She was probably thinking the reason I don't have a good vacuum cleaner is because of that same reason. She may or may not be right.

So anyways, I got to "brooming" and this was the end result:

Not perfect but sure beats whatever situation I had going on before!! And by the way, this was quite the arm workout. Killed two birds with one stone.

The trick is to lightly brush the broom on the surface of the rug without too much pressure as you brush everything out. 

My plan for the rest of the year is to actually "deep clean" my entire apartment. I am calling it "the Zen Reorganization Project". I want to throw out the old or the extra and just keep the necessary stuff. Sometimes we accumulate so may things it can get out of hand.

I am usually VERY organized and try to make everything look spotless at all times. I cant do anything in a messy apartment! However, lately things have been getting a bit out of hand. Specially because I have been working so much. But, as always, no complaints. I am actually excited to rearrange my whole apartment and get through all the "nuts and crannies" God know how long that's going to take me! Lets just say my bathroom needs a serious intervention. 

What cleaning "life hack" can you share with me? Would love to hear some ideas! Also, any quality vacuum recommendations please send them my way. 



  1. We bought a cheap vacuum cleaner at Walmart to use and store on our 2nd level and it works really well. We have a nicer one for the downstairs where we have more carpet but I honestly like the cheap one better!

    My mom taught me an easy way to clean the microwave- heat a bowl of water in the microwave and let it sit for a minute or two. All you have to do next is use a cloth to wipe all of the filth away and it comes off easily because of the water absorption.

  2. I love life hacks, they are so cool and are always so clever. LOL at real friends pointing out how filthy your house is! That is so true, though. My friend would probably call me a dirty pig and laugh at me. LOL. I'd what many call an expert sweeper. Growing up, we didn't have a vacuum, so I had to sweep in order to get our carpet clean. Everyone always comments that they can't believe I can get carpet so clean with just a broom. LOL.

    Larry Brannon @ Leonard Brush & Chemical


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