Ma Bella Vita: Weekend Recap: Oakley 10K, Brunch, and everything in between

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Monday, June 15, 2015

Weekend Recap: Oakley 10K, Brunch, and everything in between

Good morning all!

Happy Monday <3.

Hope everyone is doing and well had a great weekend. Work and life have both been busy so it feels like I haven't passed by here in a while. It was time to give my blog some love!

This past weekend was tons of fun. I was finally able to run the Oakley 10K in Central Park, a race I have been wanting to run for the past three years or so but it had never worked out. I don't know what happened in 2013 but last year I was in Washington, DC around this time. But anyways, the point is I finally ran jogged my way through, and it was awesome.

My beloved sister joined me in this adventure- and finished the race about 20 minutes before I did! I also got to meet some friends from her job whom participated as well, and are super awesome.

my sis and her friends

So happy to add another precious medal to my collection (it had been too long!)

After the race we all went for brunch at a local spot and it was delicious.

Mott Haven Bar & Grill in the Bronx.

I usually have eggs Benedict every time I do brunch but decided to switch it up. Opted for the Greek Omelet which came with a side salad, potatoes and whole wheat bread on the side. Thumbs up.

I spent most of Sunday running errands (hello Target), went to the gym, enjoyed the gorgeous sunny day and enjoyed some quality time with my parents.

This week should be a busy, yet productive one. Looking forward to getting a lot done. It is raining today in New York City and I cannot deny I am feeling kind of gloomy at the moment. Making a conscious effort to cheer myself up- 'the sun always returns'.

...and this is totally random but I've been making a yummy salad this week which I've been pairing up with whole wheat french bread. I got the idea from a Panera salad I tried a while ago and fell in love with. The only difference is that making this salad cost me about 1/3 of the price:

And that's all folks! Thanks for passing by. Wishing you a great week!



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    1. Thank you Alissa! I was a bit nervous since its been a while since I ran a 10K but it all worked out :)


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