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About Me

Meet Mabel (aka Mabella)

Hi! Welcome to my Blog.

I started writing in this little corner of the World Wide Web 5 years ago! (Crazy how time flies). 

I live in New York City- stock analyst by day and blogger by night :) (sometimes vice versa)

This blog initially started as a health & fitness focused blog where I documented what I ate each day as well as how I kept active and fit. Growing up, I was over-weight and managed to lose about 60 pounds on my own during my teenage years. In this blog, I looked to motivate others to take care for their body, mind, and spirit by making a conscious effort to eat well and exercise. It also served as a way to show my family and friends what I did each day to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Although I do still focus on those topics, the theme of the blog has evolved as the years have gone by. Today, Ma Bella Vita has expanded in to a lifestyle blog where my topics also include exciting things that I am passionate about including my career, traveling, reading, eating , shopping, and life experiences.

The blog names comes from a nick name I was given as a child. My actual name is Mabel but my immediate family calls me “Mabella” or “Mabelita”. Hence, I felt Ma Bella Vita would be the perfect name for a space where I document my life. Ma Bella Vita stands for ‘My Beautiful Life’. Vita is Italian for "Life" and I may or may not be completely obsessed with Europe and may or may not want to move there for at least 6 months or a year one day.

I was born in the Dominican Republic and moved to New York City when I was nine years old. I hold a bachelor of science degree in finance and working on an MBA, also in finance. Can you tell my other passion besides health is finance? Needless to say, I have another blog on the topic which you can check out here.

For my day job I am an equity research analyst and write stock recommendations for various financial institutions.  I look forward to one day being able to merge both of my passions (health & fitness and Stocks) in to one. In the meantime, I feel grateful that I have things that make me excited to wake up in the morning! 

Love life? I am recently single after an emotionally tough breakup but I always believed that everything that happens to us is for our own good and sometimes God does us a favor and removes people from our lives- even if it hurts sometimes. {With that said—if you know anyone handsome and available, send them my way! *Wink* *wink*.}

But seriously, thank you for passing by! Looking forward to sharing awesome things with you.